What is a Digital World? Written Summation: Week 1


(123RF, n.d.).

What is a Digital World?

What does digital world mean and who belongs in it? A digital world encompasses all technological components and applications within our ever changing and fast paced world. These allow for communication, knowledge, resources and connections with each other and the wider global community (Howell, 2012). The internet, digital TV and radio and smartphones all facilitate the use of digital technologies within our daily lives.


(Maps of the World, n.d.).

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Who Belongs:  

The participants of the digital world can be put into a few different categories. The term digital native translates as individuals who have developed skills with digital technologies and integrated those across all facets of their lives (Howell, 2012). Most students within the current generation would belong in this category.

On the other side of the spectrum are digital immigrants, individuals who have had varying exposure and experiences with digital technologies but have not yet fully adapted or incorporated them into their daily lives (Howell, 2012).


(Moving at the Speed of Creativity, 2006).

Digital Technologies and Education:

Educators have a responsibility to develop a rich digital pedagogy within their classroom curriculum and provide learning opportunities for children that teach them how to successfully engage and participate with all aspects of the digital world (Howell, 2012). A strong digital pedagogy will encourage connections with the global community and ensure that students are equip with the necessary skills to become life-long learners (Howell, 2012). This will also develop student’s digital fluency and have a strong confident ability with digital technologies (Howell, 2012).

To achieve this outcome effectively and efficiently, educators must understand how to use digital technologies, know what is appropriate to use within the classroom environment and maintain up-to-date skills and knowledge that is widely researched and resourced (Howell, 2012). Additionally Prensky (2008), suggests that educators need to value and respect students opinions and ideas in relation to digital technologies and to integrate these into their pedagogy and curriculum through collaboration and discussions.

These following links discuss digital technologies in the classroom:

Click this link: The use of smartphones and tablets in the classroom environment support a pedagogy rich in digital technologies with the use of Digital Documentation

Click this link: Digital technologies in the classroom environment with links to the Australian Curriculum (ACARA) Technologies for Teaching


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